Creating Your Own Online Course Business That Will Earn Massive Profit

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Creating your own online courses can allow you to develop a solid income for yourself. Since creating my own online courses, I have seen at times over $6,000 a month in earnings. Platforms like Udemy and Teachable generate over a billion dollars a year, as people sell their online courses through these platforms. The major drawback to using these platforms however, is that it will either cost you a fee to sell your courses there, or they will take a large cut of your course revenue. Another big issue with platforms like Udemy, is that they often run deep discounts for courses, so they will discount your $200 course all the way down to $11 dollars (which is terrible). Udemy also restricts people from selling courses for more than $500, which is a huge drawback as there are many courses you can develop, that will easily cost $500 or more.

The benefits of using an already built LMS (learn management system) however, is that you won’t need a lot of technical knowledge to develop your courses. These platforms provide yo with the technology and simply allow you to just focus on developing your courses. I will provided topics discussing creating your own LMS website as well as using a LMS service like Udemy or teachable, and the benefits that come especially with using teachable, if you choose to go down that route.

I will also teach you how to

  1. Format and structure your courses.
  2. Develop A course outline
  3. Price Your Courses
  4. Determine what topic to make your course about
  5. Researching content for your course

By The End Of This Course You Will Be Able To –

Design and release your own online course

Choose a winning course topic

Know Your Online Course Platform options

Choose the right equipment and software

Plan out the best curriculum and sales strategy

Enter the virtuous growth cycle for continuous passive income

Execute successful course marketing that will flood your class with students